December 28, 1930

Dear Mother,

How did you enjoy the party the other night. I wish I could see Mrs. Bradley. But I got a Xmas card from Mr and Mrs. H.M. Schumann. I got a lot of Xmas presents and candy. I got cards and a box of writing paper. I am down here in Hudson for training. I don’t know much about it becuase [sic] I got here only last night. But I like it so far. This is all with best wishes. Write soon.

Miss Gladys Case
Hudson, NY
Box 756

P.S. I play games and sewed last night. I have a beautiful room. there are 10 girls here with me. But in all over 400 girls. I have a nice deck of cards they are called authors and the girls have games that I play with. I don’t know much about this place but I like it here just the same. We have Xmas trees lighted outside by the steps here. I wish you would come down the first Sunday in February because that is visiting day. I want you to tell me in your letter what you go for Xmas. I hope you have a nice New Year How is Gramma and Grampa. I hope they are not sick from Xmas. This is all for this time. Write when you have time. Tell Mr. and Mrs. Bradley to write to [sic]. with best wishes from your daughter