Abraham “Abe” Novick, Superintendent of the NYS Training School For Girls, 1953 to 1963
Named as a Social Work Pioneer
by the National Association of Social Workers


Here is an almost-completed list of the superintendents (or wardens) of the prison in Hudson, NY from 1876 to 1990. The list goes back to the time when this prison was the House of Refuge for Women, and then the New York State Training School for Girls, and forward to its current status as a state prison for men called Hudson Correctional Facility. Can you help us fill in some of the missing names and dates? Or if we have made mistakes on the list, correct us! Please send your information through the comment section below this post.

Also, if you have photos or stories relating to these people when they served as a superintendent or warden of the Hudson prison, please let us know! Note that we are not at this time inviting stories or photos about the more current prison superintendents.

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Dates Served         Name of Superintendent/Warden

House of Refuge (1876-1904)

1876 –                     Sarah V. Coon

1900 – 1904            Hortense V. Bruce, M.D.


NYS Training School for Girls ((1904-1975)

1904 – 1921            Hortense V. Bruce, M.D.

1922 – 1923            Mary Hinkley

1923 – 1937            Fannie French Morse

1937 – 1940            ?

1940 – 1952            Inez B. Patterson

1952 – 1953            Harriet W. Goldman

1953 – 1963            Abraham G. Novick

1963 – 1964            Muriel E. Jenkins (Acting Superintendent)

1964 – 1973            Thomas Tunney

1974 – 1975            George Doleschal


Hudson Correctional Facility (1976 – 1990)

1976 – 1984            Wim Van Eckeren

1984 – 1985            Martin F. Horn

1985 –                     Herbert McLaughlin