Prison Public Memory Project contributor Russ Immarigeon was recently awarded a research fellowship from the New York State Archives in support of his ongoing research  into the history of New York State Training School for Girls in Hudson, NY. The topics Russ  will be exploring through this fellowship  include:

  • the ideas, innovations, and influence of superintendents such as Sarah V. Coon (1887-1900), Fannie French Morse (1923 -1937), Inez B. Patterson (1940-1952),  and Abraham Novick (1953-1963);
  • commentary and observations from Superintendent and Boards of Visitor reports; and
  • lessons that might apply to contemporary policies and practices.

We are so appreciative of Russ’s efforts to contribute to the Prison Public Memory Project. Russ started his work as a volunteer on this Project in 2011 and  has developed an independent passion for tracking down and documenting the rich history of the Hudson Correctional Facility in Hudson, NY.