According to this undated article from Newsday, a newspaper based in Long Island, NY, ‘Missing Person’ Margo Bake, ran away from the NYS Training School for Girls in 1949.  She was 5 months pregnant when she was admitted to the reform school, having been declared “ungovernable” by a Nassau County court in 1948.  She was 14 when she gave birth.  She ran away from her home in West Hempstead, NY for the first time in 1946.

Her son, Paul Bake, grew up thinking Margo was his older sister until his birth certificate was found to be a fake. He has no memory of his real mother and began searching for Margo once he realized who she was…

If anyone has more information about Margo Bake (now age 79 or 80 if she is still living), her experience at the training school in Hudson or the status of the search for her, please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below this post or writing to us at

Much appreciation to Hudson resident Paul Barrett for bringing this undated Newsday article to our attention.

M Bake Newsday Article